Preparing for Peru: A Spring Adventure


The March equinox, occurring this year on March 19th, marks the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere—a season synonymous with rebirth and new beginnings. As the equinox approaches, I invite you to reflect on what you are ready to manifest this spring.

Each spring, I look forward to seeing the crocuses emerge from the ground and reach for the sun. Beneath the soil, in the dark earth, so much life is waiting to burst forth and we are no different. Over the past several months, what has been churning inside of you, ready to pop out and flourish? Whether it’s a creative project, a personal transformation, or a new perspective on life, I encourage you to embrace its growth. Spring is not merely a time for the earth to awaken; it is an opportunity for you to explore and celebrate the new life that lies within you, ready to unfold.

This spring, I am setting off on an adventure to Peru, marking my first visit to South America. One of the highlights will be Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, believed to have been constructed around 1450 AD. However, I lean towards the perspective of researchers like Gregg Braden, who suggest that certain structures in the area are older than the Incan civilization, which likely built upon already existing foundations. This land, regardless of its original builders, is imbued with ancient wisdom, now held by Incan shamans. Central to this wisdom is the belief that true self-discovery comes from connecting with nature. Of course!!

In the coming two months, I will deepen my connection with the natural world in preparation to absorb the teachings of the wisdom keepers in Peru, exploring lands identified by Matias De Stefano as anchor points of the Mu colonies. In my April blog post I will share my inner journey to prepare for this quest. Interestingly, when I arrive in Peru, they will have entered their autumn equinox, a time to celebrate the harvest and what has been manifested.

Although this pilgrimage is a personal one, there is still room to join us in Egypt this May. There, we'll explore architectural marvels aligned with celestial bodies, mirroring some of the structures seen in Peru. You can learn more by going here:

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