Barbara Ann Jacques, PhD, is a visionary researcher, mystical practitioner, transformative educator, and empowering coach, weaving together diverse modalities including shamanic energy work to ignite visionary change. As the visionary founder Disrupting Gracefully, she has created transformational coaching experiences that offer a nurturing space for individuals to deepen their connection to their inner wisdom, challenge the status quo, and awaken their innate creative power.

Her mission is to inspire and empower visionary leaders to disrupt old paradigm approaches by Leading with Grace and Disrupting with Purpose.  Dr. Barbara Ann's work transcends traditional boundaries, encouraging individuals to navigate uncharted territories, tap into their authentic voice, and make a meaningful impact that produces a profound ripple effect in their personal lives and the world at large. Her vision and dedication inspire others to embrace their innate gifts, ignite their passions, and contribute their true essence to usher in new paradigms of authentic leadership, growth, and success.

Embodying the mantra "Leading with Grace, Disrupting with Purpose," Barbara gently challenges conventional thinking and behaviors, inspiring lasting change. Her unique approach cultivates the expansion of consciousness, enabling individuals to connect with their inner wisdom panel, and by harmonizing practice, intuition, and higher guidance, helps them rediscover their true essence and accomplish their divine mission. 

The picture above was taken at the summit of her first 14'er, post-transplant. Today she serves those who are ready to tap into their truths and gain access to their own Inner Wisdom.



Our Why

At Disrupting Gracefully, our purpose is deeply rooted in the belief that every individual possesses an innate potential waiting to be unleashed. We're passionate about guiding people to align with their true selves and create from a place of profound authenticity and inner harmony.

In a world often filled with external pressures and conformity, we envision a society where individuals stand firmly in their power, confident in their unique identity, and unafraid to express their true essence. We know that by helping people reconnect with their full humanness, we're facilitating a journey of self-discovery that transcends limitations, fuels inner transformation, and ultimately fosters a world where everyone's potential is realized.

Our "why" is your "why" – to help you embrace your authentic self, to steer your life with intention, and to become a force of positive change in a world that celebrates diversity, empowerment, and the limitless potential of the human spirit."

Disrupting Gracefully

“"Thank you Barbara for being such a warm and caring person. From the day I met you and had a personal reading I felt very comfortable with your positive and caring energy. I've enjoyed every session I've had with you from the reading to energy work, etc. You have a wonderful gift and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.” This is a fantastic recommendation!”

Disrupting Gracefully

““My father died this morning, peacefully and seemingly pain free. I was there and able to say goodbye. For the last two hours of his life, he was surrounded by the energy and symbols you taught me. I really felt that I made a connection with him even though his physical body was not conscious. It was the closest that I have felt to him in a long while. Once again, I am so grateful for your teachings. You are a very gifted individual with much to offer. Thank you for all that you have taught me and for being so inspirational.” ”

Disrupting Gracefully

“"I was suffering from both physical and emotional pain when I asked Dr. Barbara to please send me healing energy. Her healing energy process was incredible. By that evening, my emotional energy had shifted, and I felt so much better." ”