Embrace Your Rebirth: Shedding the Old with Natures Guidance


In my May blog, I shared an extraordinary experience I had with the energy of the Condor (a type of Vulture). At the time I felt a signaling of a period of personal transformation. It has been a profound two months of up-leveling my consciousness, a process of rebirth which enables me to show up even more fully for those I serve. 

Here is a recap of my experience with the Condor...  

While exploring Machu Picchu, I felt compelled to leave a small offering, dedicating the offering to the Condor by honoring the sacred traditions of the land. In the Andean culture, the condor represents a connection to the divine. As I rejoined my partner, I learned that a condor had been seen soaring above Machu Picchu, which he captured on video. Our guide said it was a rare sighting. Although I hadn't seen the condor myself, the timing felt like a profound nod from the universe. I hadn't expected anything in return for my offering, yet there it was, a graceful acknowledgment.  Even though I didn't witness the condor physically, I felt a deep spiritual connection to it at the moment of my gesture. While my partner observed a majestic condor soaring above, I felt its presence on a deeper, multidimensional level, signaling a period of personal transformation.  

I am writing this on June 25, 2024, it has been an amazing ride since I was at Machu Picchu on April 28th. The energy of the condor has remained with me since then. If you follow me on social media, you already know that over the past two months, I’ve also worked with the energy of the snake, to aid in shedding pieces of my identity that no longer served my highest expression of self. It was a wonderful collaboration with the energy of the vulture, that carries the essence of rebirth. 

I also spent an amazing two weeks in Egypt, connecting to the energies, going even deeper into the mysteries of me, my desires, my definitions of self, where my attention is going, and where I was putting myself in the role of a victim of my circumstances and giving my power away. Yes, although I have been doing the inner work for over thirty years now, my life is a work in progress and when my higher self sends the message that it is time to up-level, I openly accept the invitation.  

As I have shed layers of definitions I was holding onto on the physical plane, it has opened doors on the multidimensional plane. This shedding has been a process, beginning with challenges that I met with resistance. Yet, with an awareness that I brought these circumstances into my life, and I was the one defining them, I became empowered to see them through a different lens. Although always connected to my higher self, my divine nature, or inner Grace, I have discovered yet another layer of surrendering to her, and boy have the insights started to flow!  

This past Sunday I was in the national forest and a large snake crossed my path, not surprisingly as I have been working with the energies of transformation over the past two last months. 

Then on Monday, during my morning walk, the culmination of these experiences was marked by an encounter with a vulture, just a few hours after sunrise. I saw it in the distance, and I asked for it to come to me and share its majesty. It came, circling over me, as well as floating above, effortlessly. This levitation, defying the law of gravity, is a law of spirituality...and at that moment, my experience at Machu Picchu came flooding in and I felt that this invitation by my inner Grace and nature in April to up-level had been met (for now). If you want to see the full video of it floating above me, check out my social media pages.  

Like the vulture that cleanses the land, we too can cleanse our lives of what no longer serves us, making way for fresh growth. Here’s how you can harness this powerful energy in your own life: 

  1. Identify One Thing You Would like to Shift in Your Life: Take a moment to reflect on the current challenges and obstacles in your life. Ask yourself, what aspects of my being feel burdensome? Is there something specific in your life calling for release or transformation? Pinpoint at least one element—whether it's a belief, a habit, or an emotional attachment—that is ripe for rebirth. 
  2. Create a Ritual of Present Awareness: Once you've identified this element, become vigilant about noticing when and how it manifests in your life. Does it hold you back from acting on your desires? Does it lead you into patterns of people-pleasing or self-denial? Pay attention to your language—both internal and spoken. Your words often reflect deep-seated beliefs and can reveal how these patterns are playing out in your everyday interactions. 
  3. Give Yourself Grace: Transformation is a journey; it requires time, patience, and conscious commitment. Start small, setting achievable goals that gradually steer you towards your higher aspirations. With regular, mindful actions, you'll find that these changes begin to weave seamlessly into your daily life. 

By embracing the lessons of the vulture, you actively participate in your own cycle of death and rebirth, shedding outdated parts of yourself to rise anew. This continuous process of transformation is not just about letting go—it's about moving forward with greater freedom and authenticity. 

These encounters are not just personal milestones; they're a testament to the transformative power of connecting with our spiritual guides in nature and our Inner Grace. As I integrate these experiences, I invite you to join me in exploring how such profound moments can inspire and elevate your own path. What parts of you are you holding on to that are ready to be shed? Book a free call with me here

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