A Simple Gesture, A Majestic Response at Machu Picchu

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This past Tuesday, I returned from an amazing trip to Peru. It was a personal vacation where I went “offline” for 90% of the trip so I could just be present in each moment. 

I explored many Incan ruins over seven days of non-stop adventure. I've always felt a deep pull towards ancient civilizations—these societies had a profound connection to nature, something that deeply resonates with me. I had many wonderful experiences during my trip, but it was at Machu Picchu where I experienced a moment that beautifully illustrated the power of gratitude from the inspired heart. 

We arrived at 6 a.m. and hiked to an overlook of the ancient city. It was cloudy, but in a matter of less than ten minutes, the clouds dissipated to expose the city below. It was hard to imagine how they had built this city in the middle of a jungle, high in the mountains. Scholar's date its construction to about 1450 AD, yet it was completely abandoned by 1572 AD by the Inca’s. Over the years, the jungle took over and the great city remained hidden until 1911 when villagers told Hiram Bingham, an American archaeologist and Yale professor of the hidden city. It was then that the excavation began.   



I spent several hours exploring the ancient city from my heart but also learning of it’s history from an amazing guide. Near the end, I felt compelled to leave a small offering—a feather I had found the day before on the grounds of the beautiful inn in which I was staying.  


Leaving the feather was a spontaneous gesture, as I felt compelled to express gratitude and respect toward the stunning natural world around me. In Andean culture, the condor represents a connection to the divine, so I dedicated my offering to this majestic bird, hoping to honor the sacred traditions of the land. 

As I rejoined my group, I learned that a condor had been seen soaring above the site—a rare and serendipitous sighting. Although I hadn't seen the condor myself, the timing felt like a profound nod from the universe. I hadn't expected anything in return for my offering, yet there it was, a graceful acknowledgment.  

Even though I didn't witness the condor physically, I felt a deep spiritual connection to it at the moment of my gesture. My partner, who does not fully connect with such spiritual experiences, had the luck to see the condor in all its physical magnificence. This moment reinforced a profound lesson I often reflect upon: our connections extend beyond the physical realm. We don't always need to see to believe; sometimes, our spirit and intentions align with the universe in ways we might not directly observe. For me, at Machu Picchu, the simple act of leaving a feather underscored this unseen connectivity. It reminded me that even the smallest gestures can resonate through the interconnected web that surrounds this world, reflecting back to us in unexpectedly powerful ways. 

I invite you to allow my experience to remind you of the potential ripple effects of kindness and respect. Whether it’s a word of support, a helping hand, or a quiet tribute to nature, our actions matter. We don't always see the effects, but they are there—shaping the world in subtle yet significant ways. 

As we continue through our daily lives, I encourage you to think about the small gestures you can make. They might just be the silent, humble offerings that bring about the most meaningful shifts, both within us and in the world around us. 

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With Love and Gratitude, 

Dr. Barbara Ann


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