Ten Signs You May be Ready To Leave the Old Ways in the Dust

  1. You know you are much bigger than this physical reality.  
  2. You want to bring positive change to the world 
  3. You are aware of your “gut feelings” 
  4. You love being of service to others; it brings you pure joy. But you may also be very sensitive to the energies of others and can become overwhelmed by them.  
  5. You are a problem solver, always looking for a solution 
  6. You are creative and can manifest easily when you want to 
  7. You have had a sense of being an outcast for most of your life. You are different from others in some way but may have adjusted to fit the mold of other people’s expectations.  
  8. You may have suffered great trauma and opened to a deeper meaning in life.
  9. You are curious and eager to learn about who you truly are 
  10. You want to contribute to raising unity consciousness. 


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