October Morning Message


I step out onto my deck on this early October morning, and a cloudy sky and the cool air greet me. Suddenly a rainbow appears in front of me—a beautiful way to start this day.  In the distance, I can hear an elk bugling.  I was recently asked for examples of what 5D earth would "look like." The answers come in through nature and the wisdom panel. I am curious, is there a deeper meaning to this morning’s observances? 

This morning, two reasons come to mind as to why they are bugling. To seek their claim to the land, the area, and territory, notifying other bulls of their presence. They assert their dominance, and if there are other bull elks in the area, they should prepare to leave or fight.  The second reason for bugling is to let the cow elk know they are fit mates, looking to partner up, to plant their seed, to procreate.  

I am reminded of the "Ford General Store" on my street growing up. The Fords were an elderly couple who had this small store in the front room of their 19th century home for many decades. At the time, the owners were in their late 80's, running this little shop where we could get candy and soda. At one time, the people on the street could get milk, bread, and other necessities. Today that store is long gone, pushed out by chain convenience, grocery, and big-box stores that can buy and sell at lower prices—a part of the "bigger, better, cheaper" movement. Last night the news reported that our ports are full of freighters unable to unload all the goods imported to support that movement. 

The Wisdom Panel invites me to reflect on the message of being a "fit partner to co-create with." The principles of dominance, territory, and fighting have served a role in society as they do the bull elk.  From the human perspective, are they still necessary? Being a fit partner to co-create with, in unity consciousness, is about becoming a model for others, from the standpoint that there is plenty for everyone, so there is no need to compete for dominance. Dominance emerges when one lives in a state of lack and separation.

Unity consciousness or 5D does not mean that you will all suddenly get along or live in complete harmony. But you can begin to look at others differently, to see that the God in others is the same in you. What can be learned from something triggering you or rising in you about another? What do they have to mirror back to you, for you to dive into, examine, explore, and decide what you want and what you do not want in your life, what you want to express and what you do not wish to express? So rather than leaving that piece deep down inside of you, hidden in the corners, pull it out, put it in a light and talk to it and then you decide where it will reside. Will you express it or not? If not, send it back to the source from which it came?

Elks are fast and powerful. I came upon one during a walk on another day. He quickly crashed through the brush to get away before looking back to see what startled him. Elks are majestic. We invite you to ask yourself.

  • Do you want to crash through life, living from a state of fight or flight? Or do you want to own your majesty?
  • Do you want to dominate others? Or do you want to see them for who they indeed are underneath the cultural conditioning, events, and even trauma that has shaped them?

The choice is yours.

The Rainbow represents your connection to Source, God, energy. As creator beings, in unity consciousness, there is an opportunity for you to usher in new ways of being, doing, and having, that do not put humans in "boxes" with labels as cargo on a freighter. As more people awaken to diverse ways of doing things, the new earth will be exposed. 


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