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Affirmations Unfiltered

Affirmations Unfiltered: Daily Doses of Disruption

Our unique deck of 37 cards takes a bold step outside of the ordinary world of affirmations to inspire action and ignite change. These cards are not your typical motivational messages – they are designed to challenge, inspire, and push you to unleash your full potential.

Each card features an unfiltered affirmation that packs a powerful punch, like this one: "Cultivate Inner Peace Daily: Find your Zen, then spread that shit around!"

💥 Why Choose Affirmations Unfiltered? 💥

✅ Unconventional Inspiration: Break free from the clichés and embrace the refreshing, unfiltered approach to motivation.

✅ Unique Gift: Surprise your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind gift that's perfect for those seeking a fresh perspective on self-improvement.

✅ Daily Empowerment: Start each day with a dose of disruption to kickstart your journey towards personal growth and success.

✅ Great Conversation Starter: Whether for yourself or as a gift, these cards are sure to spark intriguing discussions and personal reflections.

Please note that this deck is "unfiltered," and some cards contain swear words, which adds an extra layer of authenticity and raw motivation.

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